Where is catalog 16!? UPDATE: No DLC this month!

Two days left of January and no news of the next im@s DLC, boo boo! Miki is not pleased nano. Update: There is no DLC release for January! Note from the from the official website: みなさん、こんにちは! デルモンPです! 毎月恒例だったPS3「アイドルマスター2」のダウンロードコンテンツですが、 今月はお休みを頂いております! お知らせするのが遅くなってしまって、 … Continue reading

Catalog Update

With the new Catalog 7 on sale, I picked up a few costume DLC’s. I got the UFO Stage a while ago but thought I’d mention it here for anyone interested in making requests with that stage. All of them will be added to my im@s list shortly (link can be found on the menu on top).

Corrupted External HDD

This is external hard drive I connect to AVerMedia capture card. And the suspect is unknown. My guess is that it died when I was copying some photos off the PS3. So due to this unfortunate event, all the videos I have recorded to this point are gone until they are recovered. I actually have completed everyone (minus one) im@s request and had a few other video projects going on, but all this might  need to be redone. Afuu…