iM@S 2

*** I am not accepting requests. 7/21/2015  ***

Game: the iDOLM@STER 2
Platform: Playstation 3
Compendium Request Engine: (Please use the first shorthand code. You may make requests below or on my YouTube channel and videos.)
Request Status:
G4U Vol.9 Requests :

All requests are done in “free camera” or “manual” mode unless otherwise stated. I do not like the game’s auto “default camera”, however if you wish to have a request in “default,” or any other camera modes (long shot, close-up, etc.) than please say so in your request.

Also, all requests are recorded without the subtitles. If you wish to see the Japanese subtitles, than say so in your request.

List of items I have:

Floral 001-015, 22
Luxury 001-015, 022
Starry 001-015
Extend 001-016, 024, 029,  031, 034, 037-038, 041-042, China Exotic, Million Stars

Head 001-028, 039, 045, 047-048, 053, 055, 059, H.M.D., Seashell Ornament
Body 001-029, 031, 043-044, 052-053
Arm 001-029, 034, 042, 044-045, 053-054
Leg 001-029, 036, 042, 045-046, 048, 053-054

01-07, 09-37

Extra Idols
Miku Hatsune ~Append~

Songs (default)
目が逢う瞬間(とき) (Me ga Au Toki)
キラメキラリ (Kiramekirari)
Kosmos, Cosmos
迷走Mind (Meisou Mind)
My Best Friend
shiny smile
my song
The world is all one!!
Little Match Girl
Honey Heartbeat
愛 LIKE ハンバーガー (Ai Like Hamburger)

Songs (DLC)
マリオネットの心 (Marionette no Kokoro)
私たちはずっと…でしょう? (Watashi-tachi wa Zutto… deshou?)
きゅんっ!ヴァンパイアガール (Kyun! Vampire Girl)
オーバーマスター (Overmaster)
Colorful Days
I Want
ふるふるフューチャー☆ (Furufuru Future)
魔法をかけて! (Mahou wo Kakete)
エージェント夜を往く (Agent Yoru wo Yuku)
私はアイドル♥ (Watashi wa Idol)
ポジティブ! (Positive!)

All above songs except the following list below. Please do not make any requests with Ready!! Or Nanairo Button due to copyright issues. If you so desire the video, than it would need to be uploaded outside of youtube. Contact me if you really need these requests.

List of Songs I do not have:

Kami SUMMER!!!
Jibun REST@RT *
Kami-sama no Birthday
Brand New Day!
Omoide o Arigatou
Ready!! [copyright issues]
Nanairo Button [copyright issues]

* = Coming soon in next sale or when Chiz has money. (Donate please~ I am a lil poor working girl and all requests are 100% voluntary service!)

Picture Version of DLCs Purchased

Catalog 1

Catalog 2

Catalog 3

Catalog 4

Catalog 5

Catalog 6

Catalog 7

Catalog 8

Catalog 9

Catalog 10

Catalog 11

Catalog 12

Catalog 13

Catalog 14 *Special thank you to honey for this~

Catalog 15

Catalog 16

Catalog 17

Catalog 18
Million Stars Seashell Ornament

DLC I really really want and DO NOT have:


8 thoughts on “iM@S 2

  1. Hello I am looking for a video of a Hibiki solo with Watshi wa idol please 😀 😀

    I can’t find these solo videos anymore so I am quite upset D:

    Could I leave the stages, costumes to you?? I just want to have Hibiki’s solo!!! >.<

    Thank you 😀 😀

  2. Just to let you know, all the catalog 14 and 15 items now have been allocated codes and are fully visible on the coding system with previews. You might want to change them to their code formats for consistency, which are:

    EXT-041 and EXT-042
    Hd:53 and 55
    Bd:52 and 53
    Ar: 53 and 54
    Lg: 53 and 54

    (The Hagiwara Safety hat takes up Head slot 54, if you’re curious. DLC complete bonus for 14)

  3. hello can you made this because i requested a video but didn’t find in your page.
    So when you finish the requested you send mal please

    Nanairo Button – Hibiki, Haruka, Yukiho (im@s1) (im@s2 PS3) (C FLO-021) (A Bd-003 Ar-048 Lg-003) (St-18)

    MEGARE! – Yayoi, Haruka, Chihaya, Hibiki, Yukiho (im@s1) (im@s2 PS3) (C EXT-005) (A Hd-028) (Q-08)

    Honey Heartbeat – Yukiho, Haruka, Yayoi, Hibiki, Ami (im@s1) (im@s2 PS3) (C EXT-014) (A Hd-058) (Q-01)

  4. Hello, I have a request~ Please do it ASAP! Arigatogozaimasu ><

    Request Game and Platform: THE iDOLM@STER 2 (PS3)
    Chihaya, Haruka, Iori (im@s2)
    Costume: FLO-014
    Leg: 022
    Stage: 07

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