Anime Expo 2015 – Day 1

Experience tells us that there will be lines, loooong lines, to enter the Exhibit Hall that opened at 12:00PM.

I woke up several hours before schedule to get ready. After an hour (or so…) of figuring out how to apply my makeup and dressing up as Yazawa Nico for the first time…

IMG_7543Nico nico ni~

Arrived at AX slightly late, due to ribbon malfunctions, a solid hour before doors opened. And boy were there lines! Take a look at these photos of the crowd to just enter the Exhibit Hall!


Nico was overwhelmed by the (pushy) crowd but alas they started letting attendees in on the left side (I was on the right side). Everyone whipped out their phones and cameras when Momoiro Clover made a surprise appearance upstairs!! Sadly I think my phone camera missed them. Nico eventually made it up the stairs and onwards to wasting my money!


First stop was the GoodSmile shop! Remembering AX2014 and AX2013; everything I wanted at GoodSmile was nearly sold out on Day 1! Never to repeat the mistake and regret I was determined this year to be first in line…or at least one of the first hundred people nico~ After a short half hour wait I managed to snag everything I wanted: Nendoroids Eli Ayase, Nico Yazawa, and Mako Mankanshoku (Fight Club). Since the day’s plan was on a tight schedule, I did a some quick shopping.

IMG_7569First stop was the NiS store where Nico stared at all the beautiful Love Live! merchandise and took a picture with the girls~

IMG_7575…and I’m so sorry Rin and Umi ;_;

While I did not pick up anything from NiS I did break my hundred at the Bushiroad booth. I mean, just look at how many nice items they carried:

IMG_7582IMG_7583 IMG_7585  IMG_7586IMG_7587IMG_7591

2015 is definitely the year of the idols~ I picked up several items from Bushiroad. You may view the day’s loot at bottom of this post ^^

It was almost 2PM at this point. Scared I would miss Ayako Kawasumi’s panel at 3PM. Rushed to appropriate room to find a waiting line has formed. Luckily it was not a long one and we were allowed to enter right away! We even managed to catch the end half of Sentai Filmworks panel and witness the lovely unveiling of the new Beyond the Boundary limited edition box set. Now if your as much otaku as Nico, than you should know who Kawasumi-san is. But for those who don’t. Or just casually watches anime…

Ayako Kawasumi is the Voice Actress of Saber from Fate/Stay Night series. For all us Saber-fans, it was a dream come true to meet this wonderful lady!

Kawasumi-san was super sweet and friendly. It was a quite a surprise such a modest person is able to adjust her tone and voice the ever mighty servant Saber. But when a fan requested her to repeat a Saber line, Kawasumi-san sure delievered!

The Aniplex panel began right after so we rushed over. Surprisingly we managed to get seats last minute. Big difference from last year’s AX. Aniplex discussed new animes of the summer season including my new favorite: .

Produced by P.A.Works and Key Animation. If you enjoyed Angel Beats! or Clannad, than this is for YOU.

After the panel, it was more shopping! The following were from various booths that had cute idol figures as well as Sailor Moon.

IMG_7611 IMG_7612IMG_7613 IMG_7615

Let’s not forget the wonderful cosplay that I saw:

Akuma Homura from Madoka Movie 3

Lily Saber from Fate/Stay Night

Lastly, the haul at the end of Day 1!

xhaulYes I am a huge Love Live! fan if you couldn’t tell. I also picked up an iDOLM@STER Cinderella blind box at the Japan-style lottery booth:

xhaul2Unfortunately I did not draw my favorite Ranko, Anna, nor Anzu. It was Kirarin. Not terrible but not best *hides from her fans*

Day 2 coming soon!


Anime Expo 2015 – Day 0


This year was the best AnimeExpo I’ve attended to date! Much has improved since my first experience with AX in 2013. The dreaded long lines and waiting for picking up badge, getting into a panel event, and everything else vastly diminished. I remembered the epic 5 hour wait to simply pick up attendee badges in AX2014. This year, BEHOLD:

IMG_7529There was ZERO line. Amazing right?

This year I came prepared, having dinner prior and comfortable clothes. I arrived evening time expecting to wait until night fall. But what I thought would take hours took mere minute. We were all in and out as fast as we could pull out our identification. Fantastic.

Day 1 next!