MissChizuruu’s iDOLM@STER 2 Request Status (last updated 6/27)

Please use www.765-pro.info/request to make all iDOLM@STER 2 (PS3-Only) requests.

Use the first code as all requests will have the idols will be arranged Center, Left, Right, Far Left, Far Right (i.e. Haruka, Makoto, Takane, Hibiki, Yukiho will be placed on stage with Haruka in center, Makoto on Left, Takane on Right, Hibiki on Far Left, and Yukiho on Far Right.)

Color Key
Green = The video has been recorded and is now uploading or in the queue for upload.
Red = These will be processed next.
Blue = Do not have highlighted DLC item. Please edit request or it will be dropped within the month. Please, please check my list of available DLC to request from because each piece I do not own costs at least $10-20 to purchase. I do not have this kind of money. I am also rather busy so requests who do not follow the guidelines from now on will be ignored.

* Special note: If you spam me with requests while I have not completed your previous ones, than your requests will be ignored. I am a very busy working girl, I have full time job among many responsibilities and obligations. I sacrifice the very little free time I have to complete requests for simply your enjoyment, so please be considerate. Thank you nano. *

Blog Requests
Hanayo-chan : Ai Like Hamburger – Ami, Yayoi, Miki (im@s1) (im@s2 PS3) (C EXT-015) (A Hd-029 Bd-029) (St-09)
Hanayo-chan : L・O・B・M – Yayoi, Ami, Yukiho, Miki, Hibiki (im@s1) (im@s2 PS3) (C EXT-039) (A Lg-050) (Q-01)

YouTube Requests
loveprettyrhythm : Kyun! Vampire Girl – Haruka, Iori, Mami (im@s1) (im@s2 PS3) (C LUX-010) (A Hd-008 Bd-053) (St-26)
xCrystals12 : Postive! – Chihaya, Haruka, Yukiho (im@s1) (im@s2 PS3) (C Million Dreams) (St-26) 
MEGARE! – Chihaya, Takane, Miki, Ritsuko, Azusa (im@s1) (im@s2 PS3) (C EXT-041) (Q-03)
Ichness : Positive!-Yukiho, Ritsuko, Makoto (im@s1) (im@s2 PS3) (C LUX-Million Dreams) (A Hd-024) (St-16) 
Positive!- Yayoi, Haruka, Makoto (im@s1) (im@s2 PS3) (C EXT-013) (St-33) 
Agent Yoru wo Yuku – Yayoi, Haruka, Makoto (im@s1) (im@s2 PS3) (C LUX-022) (A Ar-053 Lg-053) (St-33)
Himea Rorona : Watashi-tachi wa Zutto… deshou? – Takane, Yukiho, Yayoi, Haruka, Miki (im@s1) (im@s2 PS3) (C FLO-013) (A Hd-009 Bd-044) (Q-09)
SMOKY THRILL – Takane, Ritsuko, Azusa, Iori, Ami (im@s1) (im@s2 PS3) (C EXT-004) (A Bd-025 Ar-025) (Q-04)
my song – Takane, Azusa, Yukiho (im@s1) (im@s2 PS3) (C FLO-022) (A Hd-015 Bd-017) (St-03)
maralejable : Marionette no Kokoro – Hibiki,Takane(leader),Yukiho (im@s2) (im@s2 PS3) (C LUX-022) (A Ar-053) (St-11)
Positive! – Ritsuko,Takane(leader),Azusa (im@s2) (im@s2 PS3) (C LUX-031 Million Dreams) (A Hd-057 Ar-054) (St-15)
AmatarasuHime24 : redo 9:02pm Haruka Leader*

Project-iM@S Forum Requests
All forum requests will now be recorded on Auto-Camera unless otherwise stated in the request. This will save me time and give a push to completion.
TheBluePhone via project-imas forums : I Want – Yukiho, Azusa, Haruka (im@s1) (im@s2 PS3) (C EXT-043) (A Hd-058 Bd-055 Ar-053 Lg-053) (St-24)
HalfFoxx via project-imas forums : Positive! – Yayoi, Iori (im@s1) (im@s2 PS3) (Million Dreams) (St-05) long shot

Project-iM@S Forum MP3 Only Requests

On-Hold Requests
(For requests that have items or dlc I do not own but might in future)
LatiasLugia : Watashi-tachi wa Zutto… deshou? – Haruka, Azusa, Makoto, Hibiki, Takane (im@s2) (im@s2 PS3) (C EXT-028) (A Hd-028 Bd-028 Ar-028 Lg-028) (Q-09)
Hanayo-chan : Omoide wo Arigatou – Yukiho, Haruka, Iori (im@s1) (im@s2 PS3) (C EXT-012) (A Lg-032) (St-29)
LatiasLugia : MEGARE! – Iori, Makoto, Azusa, Haruka, Takane (im@s2) (im@s2 PS3) (C STA-010) (Q-04)
DarkAndTeddy : Ai Like Hamburger – Takane, Ritsuko, Iori (im@s1) (im@s2 PS3) (C EXT-015) (A Hd-029 Bd-029 Lg-029) (St-31)

Completed Requests (from old > recent)
BrotherGuzuta : GO MY WAY!! – Azusa, Miki, Ritsuko (im@s1) (im@s2 PS3) (C EXT-014) (St-05)
MEGARE! – Makoto, Hibiki, Chihaya (im@s1) (im@s2 PS3) (C EXT-006) (St-25)
9:02pm – Yukiho, Iori, Takane (im@s1) (im@s2 PS3) (China Exotic) (A Ar-024 Lg-015) (St-03)
xYukii – 9:02pm – Haruka (im@s2 PS3) (C EXT-029) (A Ar-042) (St-24)
Little Match Girl – Miki (im@s2 PS3) (C FLO-022) (A Bd-043) (St-32)
I Want – Chihaya (im@s2 PS3) (C Exotic China) (A Bd-043 Ar-053 Lg-053) (St-21)
Clennie : Agent Yoru wo Yuku – Makoto, Iori (im@s2 PS3) (C EXT-041) (A Hd-055) (St-07)
Takanes-biggest-fan : Agent Yoru wo Yuku – Makoto, Takane (im@s2 PS3) (C LUX-022) (St-10)
relations – Takane, Azusa, Ritsuko (im@s1) (im@s2 PS3) (C EXT-041) (St-03)
Idol_Hearts : 9:02pm – Makoto, Iori, Hibiki (im@s1) (im@s2 PS3) (China Exotic) (St-32)
relations – Miki, Chihaya, Ami (im@s1) (im@s2 PS3) (C FLO-022) (A Hd-015) (St-05)
THE IDOLM@STER 2nd-mix – Azusa, Miki, Makoto (im@s1) (im@s2 PS3) (C EXT-037) (St-25)
CStar123 : Furufuru Future – Iori, Yukiho, Ritsuko (im@s1) (im@s2 PS3) (C EXT-037) (A Hd-016) (St-33)
Voya : Marionette no Kokoro – Haruka, Yukiho (im@s2 PS3) (C EXT-041) (A Lg-053) (St-21)
Overmaster – Takane, Haruka, Mami (im@s2) (im@s2 PS3) (C EXT-038) (A Hd-001 Bd-001 Ar-053) (St-34)
Himea Rorona : Meisou Mind – Takane, Makoto, Iori (im@s1) (im@s2 PS3) (C LUX-022) (A Hd-024 Ar-053) (St-21)
THE IDOLM@STER 2nd-mix – Takane, Makoto, Hibiki (im@s1) (im@s2 PS3) (C EXT-002) (A Hd-008 Bd-007 Ar-053) (St-07)
Kosmos, Cosmos – Takane (im@s2 PS3) (C EXT-024) (A Hd-024 Bd-011 Ar-011 Lg-011) (St-37)

Old Completed Requests: https://misschizuruu.wordpress.com/completed-ims2-requests-achieve/

Note: I hate the auto-camera angles. All my requests are done as free-camera (manual camera changes- why I do this when it takes more time idk) unless requested otherwise-please be specific as possible with your requests.

If you can not find your request, than most likely I could not fulfill it. But if you feel I could have done it and missed it by mistake, feel free to comment below with the request code.

Please refer to my older post and Byuu-sama’s post for guidelines and such.


5 thoughts on “MissChizuruu’s iDOLM@STER 2 Request Status (last updated 6/27)

  1. I see that you take a lot (ʳ ´º㉨º)ʳ Like me when i started. Don’t burn yourself out now. If you have some you can’t do but know i can, feel free to pass it to me. Let the person know though


    Omoide wo Arigatou – Yukiho, Haruka, Iori (im@s1) (im@s2 PS3) (C EXT-012) (A Lg-032) (St-29)

    • Kami SUMMER!! – Yayoi, Chihaya, Yukiho (im@s1) (im@s2 PS3) (C EXT-009) (St-22)
      Ai Like Hamburger – Ami, Yayoi, Miki (im@s1) (im@s2 PS3) (C EXT-015) (A Hd-029 Bd-029) (St-09)
      L・O・B・M – Yayoi, Ami, Yukiho, Miki, Hibiki (im@s1) (im@s2 PS3) (C EXT-039) (A Lg-050) (Q-01)

  3. Hello, I would like to request something, if you don’t mind ^^Request Game and Platform: THE iDOLM@STER 2 (PS3)
    My Best Friend
    Yukiho, Chihaya, Iori (im@s1)
    Costume: FLO-012
    Head: 024
    Leg: 022
    Stage: 01
    If you could complete this, I would be very happy. Arigato gozaimasu~

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